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Industry Trends

Today’s parents enjoy re-living the ’90s and ’00s. Now, their kids are too.

Millennial nostalgia is real. According to Pinterest’s Top 100 2018 trend predictions, old fashioned, handmade, rustic toys are on the rise. Wooden toys, yarn pom poms in mobiles and rugs, eco-friendly diapers and clothes and perma-forts bring back warm and fuzzy memories. However, mod nurseries, weighted blankets, removable wall art, helpful apps and cheat sheets for milestones and teething necklaces offer needed modern conveniences.

“Millennial parents want licensed characters and wooden toys,” notes Adrienne Appell, director, strategic communications, The Toy Association. “They grew up with technology, so it’s not a novel concept to them. They also recognize the concept of unplugging and playing with old fashioned toys and having person-to-person contact.”

While parents want toys to be affordable, they also don’t mind spending more on quality if their children will play with them for years, notes Appell.

“They are also looking for toys and games the family can play with together, because so much time is spent on social media and screens,” says Appell.

Multi-purpose and grow-with-me products are key. “They want it to look trending and hip, and they’re willing to splurge,” says Rachel Urso, CEO of Celebrity Baby Trends Public Relations and star of Scripps Networks ULIVE Family original series Rachel’s Haul. “But as smart shoppers, they want a big bang for their buck.”

Millennial moms on Instagram and Snapchat are another resource for trend forecasters.

“The trend is old school with a twist,” notes Urso. “A tutu has been around for years and was typically used for ballet class; and now the coolest tot in preschool is wearing a tutu over leggings with glitter high tops.”

The upcoming spring and summer juvenile trade shows from around the globe — most notably, the JPMA Baby Show and ABC Spring Educational Conference — showcase these new products, panels and research on what children and parents want in toys and products and parenting tips.

Baby & Kids Magazine‘s sections are devoted to showing the latest in classic and modern product trends, such as integrated baby monitors with Amazon’s Alexa, a baby shusher device, teething necklaces and eco-friendly clothing. We hope they inspire new memories for children and parents alike.