HABA Introduces Kullerbu for 2018

HABA introduces Kullerbu, the ever-expandable play world for children ages two and older. Each set is full of tracks and accessories ingeniously designed to work with balls and/or cars. Each set builds upon itself so buy one or the full collection. Kullerbu grows along with the child offering hours of entertainment and creative set ups. The new sets include:

  • Kullerbu Sim Sala King Set – The Sim Sala King Set makes a great introductory Kullerbu or additional set which includes fun xylophone stairs, dominoes, and a bell arch.
  • Kullerbu Windmill Track Set – This windmill track will be a terrific addition to the spiral track. It includes a windmill wheel ramp, large gateway, archway with bell, a steep ball curve, and more.
  • Kullerbu Spiral Track Set – Small bell and twists and turns make this Kullerbu set perfect to start your child’s collection.
  • Kullerbu City Stroll Set – Another installment in the Kullerbu track set helps children involve city life including a rollicking house effect, intersections, traffic lights, a steep curve, curved ramp, exit ramps, a speedster, ball-convertibles and more.
  • Kullerbu Construction Site Set – This set features an awesome construction site where a loader can push the ball along the track and down the site into the waiting dump truck.