Mealtime & Bottles

New eaters and nursers can be messy. Whether baby is drinking out of a bottle or sippy cup, leak-proof and bumpproof options are key. Placemats can also pick up the slack by doing double duty as learning toys, bowls and table safeguards, so baby can have fun without leaving a mess behind.

Sippy cups need to be leak-proof at home but, especially, on the go. The new Lemon Sippy Cup from (973-459-8248 or is a new (and dry) addition to its lemon range of feeding items. Tots can drink at any angle thanks to the innovative weighted straw. MSRP: $12.00



The ZIPIT Creature Lunch Bags (800-511-6239 or can scare up an appetitite in no time. Each bag features a colorful creature, with large mouths — teeth included — that open to reveal an oversized lunch compartment, inner mesh pocket and name tag label. MSRP: $14.99



Milkies Milk Tray by Fairhaven Heath (360-543-7888 or allow moms to freeze breast milk into eight convenient, 1-ounce sticks that fi t into all bottle sizes. MSRP: $19.95




Who wants smashed snacks? Precidio Design’s (905-466-0440 or patent-pending Snack in the Box is a new snack container that features two separate chambers that can hold 6 ounces of dry snacks. The Tritan pop-up lids allow snacks to be poured out of each chamber individually. MSRP: $9.99


Breastfeeding and bottlefeeding are best. Chicco NaturalFit (877-424-4226 or bottles have been designed to make bottle feeding as simple as breastfeeding. The angled and straight nipples bio-mimic the breast in form, feel and function to help reduce nipple confusion when combining bottle and breastfeeding. MSRP: $14.99


expz’s Mini Bowl (331-215-0525 or is an all-in-one placemat and bowl that suctions to the table, making mealtime easier for new eaters at home or in a restaurant. MSRP: $17.49




No more slippery bottles. Pura Stainless’ (805-884-0313 or bottle bumpers provide protection for its bottle base and a splash of color. MSRP: $13.99 to $23.99