PRIMO makes sweeping changes to how we sit with baby, targets struggles experienced by parents with disabilities

PRIMO, creators of the EuroBath and 4-in-1 Toilet Trainer, were excited to unveil their latest product in March of 2017, the PRIMO LapBaby. Designed by a working mother on maternity leave, PRIMO quickly found the LapBaby to be the perfect solution to one of parenting’s universal struggles; no longer being able to use both hands while cradling your child on your lap.

But months later, PRIMO is starting to hear how one of the underrepresented groups of parents, parents with disabilities, has come to embrace the LapBaby. Prior to the product launch, PRIMO had hoped that the LapBaby would alleviate some of the difficulties of being a handicapped parent. Chloe Roberts, the LapBaby’s designer, worked with the Disabled Parenting Project prior to its American launch to get feedback. Reviewed by DPP co-founders Erin Andrews and Robyn Powell, the team tested the product individually, discovering how simple it was to use and how effective it could be to those wheelchair-bound.

Please click the following link to view DPP’s Review of the LapBaby, authored by Robyn Powell and Erin Andrews