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Parents can keep tabs on baby around the clock with the latest baby tech devices. Air quality is the focus of Awair, while the Cocoon Cam monitors vital signs and the Arlo Baby Monitor from Netgear works with cameras to provide continuous video monitoring when mom and dad can’t be present. The monitors work with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and smartphone apps.

Awair Baby Edition ( air quality monitor detects dust, toxins, chemicals and carbon dioxide in the nursery and records humidity and temperature. Awair uses the information to provide personalized recommendations delivered by app to help parents manage the quality of the air baby is breathing. The baby version of Awair is available in Ocean and Baby Rose colors. MSRP: $179

The Safe n’ Sound Bluetooth Ear Muffs from BANZ (660-563-7100 or provide hearing protection to block harmful loudness while also delivering soothing music or natural sounds to help baby fall asleep. MSRP: $69.99



Cocoon Cam’s (800-265-0245 or award-winning video monitor delivers a breathing graph and instant alerts to smartphones and tablets. With near-invisible infrared LEDs, the latest computer vision technology works even in the dark to monitor baby’s breathing and vital signs in real time. MSRP: $199.99



Arlo Baby Monitor ( by Netgear monitors baby by camera and delivers alerts of motion- or sound-triggered events to smartphones, tablets and computers. Arlo also plays lullabies and monitors the air. It includes a 1080-pixel high-definition monitoring camera and character designed to complement a nursery, wall mount gear, Arlo decal to alert visitors of the camera, cloud recordings and a quick-start guide. MSRP: $249o $349.00