Modern Child

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a manufacturer will design a new twist on a tried-and-true seller. Bebe Au Lait’s Round Play Mat, which doubles as a tote bag for toys, might make you stop and think, why didn’t I think of that? The Ubbi Blanket Buddy also serves a dual purpose, converting from a stuff ed animal to a blanket and back again. The durable Babycup First Cups are made in England for toddler hands and meet health professionals’ recommendations to start babies on open cups sooner.

Chicco’s NaturalFit Flair Orthodontic Pacifier, developed with input from orthodontics experts, has an ergonomic shield and reduces irritation by maximizing air circulation. Its narrow base provides for comfortable mouth closure and its nipple shape evenly distributes pressure from baby’s tongue against the palate. It’s available in two sizes in pink and blue. MSRP: $5.99 for two pacifiers.


No more searching for missing socks when your child wears Pals Socks (516- 603-4006 or, which are purposely mismatched to the delight of young children and parents alike. The newest styles feature engaging mammals and creatures. The Lil Besties baby box contains Cat and Dog, Ladybug and Caterpillar and Unicorn and Dragon. MSRP: $9 per pair or $22 for a three-pair baby box.



Is it a blankie or plush toy? It’s both. The two-in-one Ubbi* Blanket Buddy from Ubbi (718-422-0592 or converts from a lightweight, 100 percent cotton blanket to a stuffed animal by stuffing the muslin cloth into a specially designed pocket. MSRP: $29.99 for two




This Round Play Mat from Bebe Au Lait (866-940- 2323 or comes in a fresh new pink Dinorama pattern and folds to become a tote bag for taking along toys. The 44-inch lightweight mat, designed as a cushion for tummy time, also doubles as an attractive prop for a baby photo shoot. MSRP: $60



This 100 percent cotton “Chillin’ With My Gnomies” cuddle blanket from Oliver + Kit ( has six layers of cotton for extra comfort. The 47- by 47-inch quilt is reversible and comes in white with red or blue trim and a pattern choice of rainbow gnomes or red and blue garden gnomes. MSRP: $48


Keep baby amused with the three-dimensional Flensted Mobile (45-6444- 1688 or model No. 149b Olephants, now available in a blue elephant design. Made in Denmark, the mobile is available through distributor Nielsen Trading Inc. (972-317-3054). MSRP: $47.50


Pearhead’s (718-422-0592 or chalk-sign set commemorates the first and last days of the school year and is designed for photo memories. The set of two erasable boards has room for the date and child’s age and includes white and yellow chalk.




Lorena Canals Bubbly Baskets in natural and pastel colors go with any décor and are a practical way to reduce clutter in the nursery, family room or playroom. The machine-washable stuff baskets are made from nontoxic dyes and all-natural cotton. MSRP: $46

The Otter Blue (510-531-2100 or bucket bib from Modern Twist is made from food-grade silicone and features block-print animal illustrations, including an otter, llama and sloth. The bibs, which are designed with a catch-all pocket, are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Matching placemats are also available. MSRP: $20